all proper way to hang curtain rods

Jun 1, 2018 - Select a curtain rod that is wider than the width your window. . These are the highwater pants of curtains and not a good look. . hang the curtain rod at the same height for every window, and that your rods won't be crooked. Generally, hanging curtain brackets on the wall above and outside the window molding looks best; it allows fabric to fall gracefully. If you have detailed window frames you don't want to cover, an inside mount (hanging curtains within the frame, as you would with a tension rod) can work. Learn how to measure for and hang curtains, drapes and curtain rods. . With the right tools and some planning, you can hang new curtains to freshen up your home's decor. Save Item. Send to a Friend . View All Tools & Materials. Product . How to Install a Curtain Rod on Window Casing. Take the guesswork out of . Place the bracket on the right side over the center of the mark. Using a level and a . Oct 30, 2017 - I used to do this, I hung my rod just slightly above my window frame mostly . It's not just the better way to hang your curtains but at this point we have a . You have three other options – all good/legal ones to avoid this look: 1. We'll show you how and what to hang and how to make the process. . of curtain is right for you, if you have not yet purchased your curtains and curtain rods. My drill only goes so far into the wall, so I can't get my screw anchor in all the way. Learn how to hang curtains in every room of your home with our easy step-by-step installation . How to Measure Curtain Panels, Brackets, and Rods. Jan 16, 2018 - Learn how to hang curtains to quickly complete your space and add style . your windows to make sure you get the correct curtains and rods.